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Evidence Recovery
Evidence Recovery

MAKO has a long-standing relationship with police forces throughout the province, and Joe has a long history of evidence recovery. Whether it is a large target such as vessels, vehicles or aircraft, or smaller ones like weapons, MAKO has the expertise and equipment to safely recover evidence. Our divers are trained in the chain of custody and, using underwater video, remotely operated vehicles, heat-sensing drones, sonar and diving in concert, we will get the job done.

Search & Recovery

Using unique searching techniques, MAKO can search for, locate and recover virtually anything underwater. We have worked with police forces and other entities throughout Canada and parts of the USA to consult on missing persons as well as search for and locate people or persons that have went missing in all seasons and in all types of waterways, such as lakes, rivers, sewage pits, quarries, oceans and bays.

Search & recovery


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